Scott Manning & Associates
2 Horatio St., #16G
New York, NY 10014
20 Main Street, # 417
Hancock, NH 03449
Testimonials “Scott is the hidden architect of a great deal of my success with Black Hawk Down and my other books. He tailored a publicity campaign around the audience for that book, which meant in addition to the usual media and bookstore stops, creating events at or near military bases all over the country, places rarely visited by mainstream authors. I have worked with him on all my books since, and always feel that I am getting the best representation out there. He’s also extraordinarily diligent, right down to small travel details, sympathetic when I whine, and great fun to meet with when I get back to New York.”
– Mark Bowden
“Scott Manning is a brilliant publicist. He's done a fabulous job promoting each and every book of mine, and I speak as someone who brought out a collection of whimsical essays about the lighter side of life in the 21st century – publication date September 10, 2001.

Scott has wonderful access. He knows how to use that access to work wonders.  And he's wonderfully sensitive to his clients. He understands what clients can do and how much of it before meltdown strikes. Having a personal tendency to turn into a boiling puddle during book tours, I – again – speak from experience.

Anyone who needs a publicist has two choices: either to hire Scott Manning immediately or to wish Scott Manning had been hired sooner.”
– P.J. O’Rourke
“Scott Manning is the best outside publicist I have ever worked with—bar none. Scott has been instrumental in helping us make books like Black Hawk Down by Mark Bowden, Che by Jon Lee Anderson and The Weather Makers by Tim Flannery successful. He is a pleasure to work with—smart, resourceful, hard-working—and every one of our authors who has worked with him has raved about him. I wish I could hire him to handle every book we publish.”
– Morgan EntrekinPresident & Publisher, Grove Atlantic, Inc.