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Frequently Asked Questions When is an independent publicist needed? Scott Manning & Associates is hired both by publishers and authors. Our work supplements whatever publicity efforts are planned in-house, and we have a history of working closely with staff publicists. An author considering our services should have a frank discussion with their publisher about what they can realistically expect in the way of publicity efforts. If the author’s needs are not fully met by the in-house publicity plan, we will prepare a proposal to ensure that no stone is left unturned in the media campaign.

When should a publicist be hired? We prefer to begin work on a project at least five months in advance of publication. There are exceptions to this rule, of course, but this time frame allows us to pitch long as well as short lead media outlets.

How are fees determined? After exploratory discussions with a potential client, we provide a full proposal outlining the campaign. Our fees are based on estimates of the amount of time needed to complete the project as outlined on a monthly basis. The fee is then divided into payments to be invoiced over the course of the campaign. In addition, we pass along expenses incurred on the client’s behalf.

How can an author work most effectively with a publicist? Most of our projects are true collaborations with the authors. Authors help us by providing insight into the news value of their subjects so we can craft an effective pitch. They offer ideas about media outlets that may or may not be on our radar. Finally, they provide us with their personal media contacts who may open doors for coverage.

Who are the “Associates”? Scott Manning divides his time between the offices in New Hampshire and New York. Abigail Welhouse is based in the New York office. Whenever extra help is needed on a project, we call on other available freelance publicists to work with us. Generally, though, when you hire Scott Manning & Associates you get the full attention of Scott Manning and Abigail Welhouse.

What about social media? We work closely with our clients to determine which social media platforms make sense, and how best to leverage them as a way to sell books. We feel strongly that the authors’ voice is most effective within social media communities, and that this area requires their committed participation. In most cases, we find that the best campaigns are those in which “traditional” and “new” media work hand-in hand.